Our construction process

Our primary role in the building process is to design and engineer the timber structure, negotiate timber materials purchase, cut and fit the timbers at our shop, transport and raise on your site.

In the Peterborough area, Whippletree does do finishing work, but often either the homeowner or a General Contractor will take over once the frame is raised.

Whippletree timber frames offers frames built primarily with locally available wood species, as well as recycled barn and industrial timbers. We choose sustainable lumber harvesting wherever possible, including logs harvested from our client’s forest, milled with our portable sawmill on site. Here in Central Ontario we use white and red pine, hemlock, spruce and white cedar as softwood choices and oak, ash, maple, elm and cherry for hardwood.


We prefer to use a mixture of wood species in our projects, placing each type in the best location for strength and appearance. ( For example using white pine for posts, hemlock for beams, spruce for joists, and oak for braces and pegs.)

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