Welcome to the Whippletree Blog

Hello from Mark Davidson, join me here for posts about Traditional Woodworking including: Timber framing, old Ontario barns, structural design, tools of the trade and generally what keeps us busy at Whippletree.

I’ve previously been posting this information on Facebook and I’m excited to move the process to our website and I hope that you will offer your comments and questions about what you see here.

Bancroft Garage

Current workshop project is a Garage/Storage Building for a site near Bancroft. The build features three wedged scarf joints and has timbered walls with a standard 2x truss roof.

28 foot long tiebeam with wedged scarf
closer view of scarf joint
Design View of Scarf

Visit to British Columbia

Currently on my annual pilgimage to Vancouver Island to visit my partner’s parents. I took the picture below at the Coombs Country Market, AKA “Goats on the Roof” A fantastic market with plenty of items including western salmon jerky.

Many of the buildings in Coombs are constructed using round log framing with plank roof decking and earth roofing – rubber membrane, drainage layer, dirt and grass. Definitely one of my favorite building styles and well suited to the moist climate on Vancouver Island.


Fitting the Hampton Addition

Whippletree working in the shop this week assembling trusses for an Addition in Hampton, Ontario.

LOTS of timberlinx and some new timber carts, which I will blog about soon.

Timbers of the East Gable, with my camera on some strange setting : ]
Timbers of the West Gable

Fitting Frames on the Mulmur Project

We are now working on fitting up the frames for the rammed earth build in Mulmur Ont. Glad to see this stage as it has been a long time waiting for the hemlock material to arrive at the shop. Soon I will have some pictures from the raising onsite!