Welcome to the Whippletree Blog

Hello from Mark Davidson, join me here for posts about Traditional Woodworking including: Timber framing, old Ontario barns, structural design, tools of the trade and generally what keeps us busy at Whippletree.

Barn Repair October 2023

Barn repairs continue, the photo above shows a fine ladder in a Peterborough area barn, only about one foot wide(one boot at a time). This barn needed some ground level post footings, but the 1880 upper framing is solid and will be for a long time to come. One of the best barns I’ve seen in Ontario, the owner had a copy of the original construction invoice – build and finish the barn for $44. Perhaps I can upload some more photos of the upper framing on our next visit.

Castleton Farmhouse update

Layout and Cutting of timbers is nearly complete on the Castleton farmhouse, fitting the frames will begin soon. This frame has taken the crown as our most complex frame so far. I’m also happy to add that the frame has a number of different wood species: white pine, oak, cherry, walnut and maple. I hope to get back with fitting pics soon.

Back to the Bancroft Barn

Whippletree is back to the Bancroft Barn site to raise a storage building, the Barn is looking great with exterior details pretty much finished.

Bancroft Garage

Current workshop project is a Garage/Storage Building for a site near Bancroft. The build features three wedged scarf joints and has timbered walls with a standard 2x truss roof.

28 foot long tiebeam with wedged scarf
closer view of scarf joint
Design View of Scarf