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Raising the Nogies Creek Cabin

Sept, 2020: posting more pics from the Nogies Creek raising. I basically picked all the images with water in the background… Also included another design drawing showing a lot of the dimensions for the structure.


  1. Hello! Just testing the comments here…

  2. It looks great…would love to see clearer and more detailed pics! What is the interior layout plan, one big room, I assume?

  3. Yes Butch, kitchen/living with a small loft above.
    I will gather more pics of this one in future [ =

  4. Being mostly computer illiterate, I can not read or am i able to enlarge the measurements of the structure. So, how can I ‘enlarge’ the pic? or can you post a larger design drawing? thanks

    1. hey Butch, Im currently out in BC visiting family, I can email you a larger version when I get back to Ontario after Sept 15th

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