Joinery classes

In joinery courses the student is provided with materials, plans and guidance for several different projects, with varying degrees of difficulty.
Joinery courses feature excellent tools, including Japanese, Barr and Sorby chisels.
All 4 levels of joinery are taught during the same class.
These projects go home with the student to provide a reference piece.
Joinery classes always run for 2 days from 9am through 5pm.


Level 1 project, no previous woodworking experience needed:

level1assemble2  level1expl2

Level 2, similar to Level 1, but contains all the elements of a traditional barn corner post:

4433susanne wilkins level 2  level3explode-skup

Level 3 project, Kingpost truss with dovetailed tenon:

skchup level3 jan 08  3224jan08level3assembled

Level 4, English Tie Join:

ETJ  ETJ-open