Whippletree has been hosting workshops and classes since 2003.

The classes feature quality hand tools from around the world in a relaxed and focused atmosphere.


Fall 2018 Class Schedule:

Joinery Class October 20,21

Joinery Class December 1,2




Joinery Classes:

Joinery classes
teach how to layout and cut traditional connections and each student takes home their individual project.

These are 2 day courses held on weekends, no experience necessary for level 1.

Cost for 2 day Joinery course: $250. per person plus H.S.T.(13%) Payment by cash or cheque due at the end of the course

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Framing Workshops:

Framing workshops run during the week and are normally 5 days long. Suitable for everyone, although woodworking or building experience would be a plus. The framing class projects are normally small timber frames and the class works together as a group.

It is not neccessary to attend all days of a framing workshop. In these workshops, hand tools are primarily used with some power tool demonstration.

Cost for Framing Workshops: $75. per person per day, plus HST(13%)

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Video clips from the November 2010 Joinery Class.

You can visit our Youtube channel HERE

All Classes run from 9am-5pm

Please Contact Mark for more information