Selwyn Barn Repair

Building in mid-span rafter support on a saggy roof section. This is one of the tallest barns I’ve been in, aisle posts are approx 24′ tall.

In the top photo, you can see how an old post became a new tiebeam.

Raising the Nogies Creek Cabin

Sept, 2020: posting more pics from the Nogies Creek raising. I basically picked all the images with water in the background… Also included another design drawing showing a lot of the dimensions for the structure.

Website update!

May 2020 our website is getting an update with new images, and a new blog. I’ve been working away at trying to learn WordPress, and recently contacted Varsity Tutors where I met John, who patiently guided me through the many steps involved in learning more about the software.

Some of you may be wondering where our “Classes” pages have gone, the classes are currently under discussion and renovation and may return in future. I’m still open to the idea of onsite classes: travelling to your site and helping to get the timbers organized and teaching layout, cutting and assembly. Contact Us for more information and discussion on this topic.

Welcome to the Whippletree Blog

Hello from Mark Davidson, join me here for posts about Traditional Woodworking including: Timber framing, old Ontario barns, structural design, tools of the trade and generally what keeps us busy at Whippletree.

I’ve previously been posting this information on Facebook and I’m excited to move the process to our website and I hope that you will offer your comments and questions about what you see here.