What We Do:

Photo from March 2016,
Engineering Drawings
Cruck-built Cottage

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Located in Central Ontario near the city of Peterborough, Whippletree Timber Framing designs, cuts and raises new timber frames, repairs old ontario barns and hosts traditional carpentry classes.
Our focus is on traditional joinery techniques which will enhance buildings and inspire people for generations to come.

Timberframing is an ancient woodworking craft using large timbers fitted together and fastened with wooden pegs.

Timberframes are considered a sustainable building method based on the many examples that have survived for hundreds of years. Not only are timberframes known for their longevity, they also have a tradition of becoming even more beautiful with age. The most common timberframe examples in Ontario are our barns, many of which were built in the 1800's.

Whippletree frames have been used to build houses, cabins, studios, workshops, porches and apartment lofts, as well as renovations such as opening up two rooms by removing a wall in a current home and replacing it with an elegant post and beam structure. With a little imagination it is easy to see how timberframes can be incorporated into almost any building or renovating project, offering the added warmth and beauty of the exposed wooden framing.

If you are interested in building your own timberframe, consider taking a class in timber framing, or hosting a class at your site. Building your own frame can be a very rewarding and educational experience.

Member and supporter of the Timber Framer's Guild

Member and supporter of the Ontario Straw Bale building coalition